Now THIS is a Subway Nut I could get DOWN With.

This. Video. Is. ABSURD. I’ve never seen such an over-the-top response to a simple foot stomp. Honestly, subway foot stomps happen ALL THE TIME. Part of the fun of taking the subway is finding out how many of your toes aren’t broken at the end of the ride. The only instance in which this might be an appropriate response to the situation at hand would be if this woman had guessed Rumpelstiltskin’s name and he STILL insisted on spiriting away with her baby.

A Note to the German Tourist who Nearly Broke my Foot:

Hey, LADY. Yes, I’m talking to you. I see from your three Kipling suitcases and aqua traveler’s belt that you’re on your way back to Quedlinburg. Well, guess what – you’re still in NYC, and here, it’s NOT OKAY to roll over a stranger’s foot on the subway, make eye contact, and not apologize. You can redeem yourself by never coming back to my city.