The Third Face of Fangs: STICKER BLITZ 3

The Third Face of Fangs: STICKER BLITZ 3

These are getting slapped up all over the West Village tomorrow night. The QR code is so tiny it makes me want to die of squee. Of course, I’m having a little bit of anxiety about the likelihood that a murderer/stalker will see my DIY publicity and make me his next target, but hey – any press is good press, right? (Please GOD don’t let this be the blog post they quote when my body turns up in a gutter somewhere.)

Attention, Woman in Line at Duane Reade:

Hello there, Miss Lady! You know, I can’t really think of a more embarrassing or revolting duo of goods to buy at the drugstore than Monistat and rubbing alcohol. Congratulations on being the 3pm winner of ‘The Grossest Lady in Duane Reade’ Award (and no, you cannot shake my hand)!

Also, there’s a great website called where you can buy all sorts of crazy things without anyone judging the shit out of you like I’m doing right now. You might want to check it out when you’re feeling more up to task.