Daily Aggravation 24: A Bad Case of Troll Foot

photo (2)

For Valentine’s Day this year, my lovely boyfriend bought me the most beautiful gift from a place called Xocolatti in SoHo. It was a glass apothecary vial filled with golden flakes that tasted like a butter cookie; truly divine, like something a fairy would eat when she got the munchies. I decided to take a photograph of the gift to send to my sister, so I carefully set the vial down on the windowsill of my hotel room (hell yeah, we were staying in a hotel that night) and snapped the shot. Mission accomplished.

My heart fell a few days later when I took another look at the photograph. Hiding out in the lower right corner of the picture is a foot that looks like it belongs to a creature that lives under a bridge and makes you answer a riddle before you can cross. It is the foot of a troll, and it is MINE. Unless I’ve actually begun to transform into Golem, I’m pretty sure that I should still have human feet…so what the hell? Total bummer.

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