Daily Aggravation 16: Bathroom doors with no locks

Maybe it’s the product of having grown up in a house where things like ‘modesty,’ ‘privacy’ and ‘not being walked in on while you’re on the toilet’ were important, but I really don’t understand people who don’t have locks on their bathroom doors. There are few things more upsetting to a person with an already-shy bladder than going into someone’s bathroom and realizing that someone could fling the door open at any time (in my anxiety-driven imagination, it’s always a theatrical and startling ‘fling,’ never a cautious knock or slight twist of the knob). If I agree to come to your house, you’d better have a lock on the bathroom door, and if you don’t, please warn me in advance so I can flake on hanging out with you.

2 thoughts on “Daily Aggravation 16: Bathroom doors with no locks

  1. It could be worse, the toilet could be in the living room. I posted about a Kohler toilet advertisement which featured the toilet in the living room and how much the designer loved the idea of taking the toilet out of the bathroom and into the living room, The toilet cost over a thousand dollars. I guess a toilet in your living room is now chic for the nouveau riche

  2. Oh good GOD. I can’t even imagine. I stayed in a hotel recently that had a transparent door with a semi-opaque electronic shade that you had to pull down before evacuating. Give me a room with four solid walls any day.

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